World History foreign teacher(SAT and AP)
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World History foreign teacher(SAT and AP)
City: Shanghai
Time for entry:: ASAP
Salary: 25000-28000/month
Holidays: Chinese public holidays off. Summer and Winter vacations off
Insurance: Paid
Holidays: Paid

Introduction of International school

Location: Shanghai, China

Position: World History foreign teacher

Start date: ASAP

Job Description:

1.     Plan and deliver lessons on the social science topic of your class for the day, week, semester and year to students, utilizing creative and engaging techniques

2.     Prepare classes to US common core standards and/ or AP standards for your subject class.

3.     To maintain appropriate records and provide relevant, accurate, up-to-date information on upcoming AP and SAT exams as well as any other relevant standardized testing for your subject classes.

4.     Prepare academic materials, including homework assignments, syllabi and instructional handouts; report to the department head often regarding the effectiveness of concepts.

Qualifications and Experience


1.    Bachelor’s degree in education or class subject

2.    State-issued certification/ teaching license/ other certification for visa.

3.    One year of prior teaching experience

4.    Ability to get a work visa in China.


1.    Master’s degree in education and/or class subject

2.    State-issued certification or teaching license

3.    Top 40 University Graduate

4.    AP Certification

5.    3+ years of prior teaching experience

Salary and benefits:

1.     25,000 -28000RMB per month before tax.

2.     Official work Visa.

3.     Paid Winter and summer vacation.

4.     Paid All Chinese public holidays.

Staff Development:

1.    To continue personal development in the relevant areas including subject knowledge and teaching methods.

2.    To engage actively in the Performance Management process

3.    To take part in the staff development programme by participating in arrangements for further training and professional development.

Contact information:

Please send your CV and Self-introduction(1-2Mins) video to email

If you are interested in these jobs, pls let me know. We will send more job details and schedule an interview with you.


Wechat: 13718956752

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