23000-25000RMB/month + 3000RMB housing allowance + summer and winter vacations paid + other benefits
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23000-25000RMB/month + 3000RMB housing allowance + summer and winter vacations paid + other benefits
City: Beijing
Time for entry:: In August 2020
Salary: 23000-25000/month
Accommodation: 3000RMB/month
Holidays: Chinese public holidays off. Summer and Winter vacations off
Insurance: Paid
Holidays: Paid


Total 1 foreign teacher for Beijing Academy in Chaoyang district, Beijing


Position:1 foreign academic writingteacher for international division students

Estimated time of arrivalMiddle of August, 2020


·      Prepare and deliver academic writing lessons, teaching and guiding students in writing, lesson taught in English;

·      Prepare and deliver AP humanities courses, like literature and composition, lesson taught in English;

·      Prepare and retain appropriate teaching plans;

·      Assesses students’ work and provides feedback;

·      Maximum teaching hours: maximum(25) per week;

·      Office hour: yes; Mon-Fri from 8:00-17:00

·      Grade9-12

·      Student age:15-17;

·      Class scale:25;

·      Textbook:Specified by the school

·      Be willing to become involved with the life of the school.

Selection Criteria:

·      Abide Chinese law and Law of the People's Republic of China on Teachers

·      Have great passion for teaching

·      Emphasis on personal and professional development

·      Meet the qualifications for applying a legal work permit and visa

·      Good at communicating with students, patient, guiding students to revise articles

·      Native English speaker preferred

·      Bachelor degree or equivalent

·      Major in English literatureor other majors related to English

·      3-5 years teaching experiences in senior high school or AP teaching experiencesHave experience in guiding students in writing

·      Give lessons focusing on subjects in general using an appropriate level of English language;

·      Possess a subject related certificate;

·      Other specific subject teaching certificate if applicable.


·      Monthly salary starts at RMB23,000-25,000 (before tax) yuan depending on qualifications and experience;

·      School will provide a housing allowance, which is 3000 RMB per month.

·      Medical insurancewhile you are employed in school;

·      All statutory holidays as paid holidays plus 1-day paid for Christmas holiday

·      Reimbursed residence permit, and obligatory medical check-up;

·      Regular teaching training supplied by school;

·      Ongoing team-building activities organized by school;

·       Not exceed RMB 5,000-yuan airfare allowance paid by the completion of contract.

Introduction of Beijing Academy

Established in September 2013, Beijing Academy is consisted of two campuses: Xibahe and Dongba. We offer 12 grades of education with effective vertical articulation for elementary, middle grades, and higher. We define ourselves as a global, modern, and high quality campus. Our development strategies include a rich campus culture, democratic leadership, strong academics and open for collaborations. We explore innovative ways of teaching and learning. We develop educational

model that is in sync with the times and students' developmental needs under a modern school governance system. We aim to become a school with Beijing characteristics, Chinese temperament and global perspective. Our goal is for students to" enjoy a happy life and contribute to the society" with core qualities of" benevolence, wisdom, bravery and happiness. By mentoring in how to learn, how to co-exit, how to live and how to innovate, we facilitate a well-rounded growth of our students in an unbounded space.

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