International School is in Ningbo,, Zhejiang (CN)- Vice-principal
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International School is in Ningbo,, Zhejiang (CN)- Vice-principal
City: Ningbo
Time for entry:: In August 2020
Salary: 500000-600000/month
Holidays: Chinese public holidays off.
Insurance: Paid
Holidays: Paid

Types of schools: International School

Location: Ningbo,Zhejiang (CN).


1.    Vice-principal




Starting date:



1.Bachelor degree or above, Master degree or Doctor degree preferred, at least 5 years’ management experience in overseas famous schools or domestic international schools, familiar with the development trend of international education, familiar with the learning and thinking mode of students

2.Familiar with IB, AP, A-level and other mainstream international curriculum systems, from English-speaking countries

3.Have the spirit of hardworking a high sense of responsibility, professionalism and the awareness of the overall situation, strong leadership, resource integration ability, innovation and expansion ability, as well as the ability of overall organization and coordination, able to work under great work pressure

Job description:

1.Assist the chief principal and executive head of school, lead the team of teachers, and establish the international curriculum system.

2.Participate in the recruitment of teachers, the management of employees, the daily teaching work of the school, and promote the integration of Chinese and foreign cultures on campus

3.According to the learning mode, learning habits and learning foundation of students, teach students according to their aptitude, manage the teachers and research team, ensure the teaching quality

4.Cooperate with the executive principal on marketing, admissions and other activities.

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